Line Trust South Canterbury

The Trust has a significant role in our community... looking after consumers' interests in Alpine Energy. The Trust owns 40% of Alpine Energy and pays its shareholder dividend to you! 

Line Trust South Canterbury was formed in 1992 when the South Canterbury Power Trust was resettled. It holds 40% of the shares in Alpine Energy Limited, the company who owns the electricity lines in South Canterbury region. 

Alpine’s network extends over all South Canterbury with a total length of lines exceeding 3,600 kilometres and connecting over 27,000 consumers and is valued at approximately $90 million. The Trust receives dividends from Alpine Energy that is paid to the shareholders quarterly. The Trustees distribute the 90% of its profits, after deducting the Trust’s running expenses, by arranging a credit on consumers’ electricity accounts.


LineTrust South Canterbury and the Energy Network

LineTrustSc Network_Diagram



Delivering maximum benefit for our community

Ultimately we make sure your assets are protected and managed in a way that delivers maximum benefit, by carrying out the four key roles:

  1. Receiving dividends from our shareholding in Alpine Energy and distribute them to our beneficiaries
  2. Managing our majority ownership of Alpine Energy on your behalf.
  3. Dealing with government bodies on regulatory issues.
  4. Providing strategic input to Alpine Energy at board level.

The objective of this site is to make available all relevant publications, reports and contact details of the Trust. See our library for this information...

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